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One of my favorite passages

By Noel Wright

TUE MAY 31, 2022

Excerpt from : The Universe Teaches Me With Gentle Love page78-79 by Julia Cameron "Blessings, Prayers and declarations for a Heartful Life"

"Spirit mentors me with care and accuracy. As I open my heart and my hand to be counseled, I am partnered by Divine wisdom. It is a great blessing that I do not walk alone. I am not without guidance. In every day in every moment there is a source of Divine guidance available to me if I will turn within. Within me I carry God. Within God, I am carried. There is no separation, only the forgetting of Union. As I realize, accept and appreciate my union with divinity, all things unfold for me more clearly...... My life is a life of abundant blessings. My heart is a home for grace and good......"

I loved that this passage uses the word and implication of Union with the Divine, whatever Divine/Source/God means to you. It is the meaning of the word, Yoga.