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Setting Intentions

By Noel Wright

WED JAN 26, 2022

Ok, so the New Year hype is over and you may have already feel like you have failed at keeping your resolutions. That's because "resolution" is a loaded word with heavy promise. It is much easier to set intentions. Intention implies that you are setting a goal to work towards rather than a goal that you must achieve .All the little milestones, preparations and steps count towards your intention. With a resolution, if you didn't "complete the task" (even the word task is unappealing), like going to the gym, reading that article, taking a walk, than you have "failed".

So be light on yourself and your heart. Be kind and try setting intentions and counting all the little things instead of the bigger ones.

A great way to start intention setting is to just stop and breath. Stop and take 1-3 deep breaths, noticing only your breathing. Then go about what you were doing. Breathing automatically brings clarity and reduces anxiety.

If you are looking for more tips about staying in the moment, Join a Qi-Yoga class and allow me to guide you with intention.

In Abundant Health and Qi,