Summer Membership
$70.00 • Unlimited credits • Renews every 1 month

Enjoy 4 weekly classes for a total of 16/month for the low fee of $70. This membership will autorenew each month. (2 online and 2 in Studio)

Valid for: Qi-Yoga , Qi-Yoga Peak Pose, Qi-Fit, Waterloo Studio In Person Qi-Yoga


Qi-Yoga Private
$475.00 • 6 credits

This package is deeply discounted to allow you to start making changes in a very supported way. We will meet for 6, 1 hour virtual or in-person classes to start you on your way to achieve your intended health goals! After you purchase the package you will have 6 credits to book your private lessons!

Valid for: Private Qi-Yoga

Mentorship Series
$550.00 • 5 credits

Let's work together to create your dream wellness business! II made the mistakes and can save you from wasting your time, money and energy!

f you need some help getting started and have no idea where to begin, I can guide you. Should I go online, open in-person, advertise, post to social media, or do I need a microphone? How much is Zoom? These are some of the things I can help you answer to start a successful business without wasting time and energy.

Valid for: Mentorship